Carolyn Wren

The Emotional Chains Series

*Award Finalist*

-Three Empaths must leave the safety of the shadows, to protect the ones they love-

What if you could read the emotions of everyone around you?
What if you loved someone you'd never even met?
What if someone was killed...and you felt them die?

The Secret Family
Amity has no idea posting an innocent photo online will put her life in danger.  In a deadly race against time, who will reach her first? the agents of The Protectors, or the enemies of a father she never knew?

The Protectors Series

A multi award winning Romantic Suspense series featuring a group of covert operatives who leave behind their shadowed lives to form their own agency


This list represents the full catalogue of my published backlist, featuring the original covers

The Actress
A famous actress must juggle her career and her real life, not knowing a fan lurks in the shadows who can't tell the difference

The Scientist
All Simon Winters wanted was an easy mission, preferably involving a beautiful woman in peril, and a fast careful what you wish for

*Award Winner*
*Award Finalist*
The Hostage
Two men are searching for the mysterious covert operative known only as 'Omega' One wants to thank her...the other wants revenge. 

*Award Finalist*
The Undercover Agent
Two antagonist agents must work together undercover to bring down a corrupt Russian businessman...will the mission cost them their very lives?

New Release


The Bouquet of Love Anthology by Serenity Press. Available now in e-book and print.


*Award Winner*
Diplomat's Daughter
Jared Knight vowed to keep Cecilia Benedict in his past...until a stalker threatened her future

*Award Finalist*
 A black ops agent, two tiny babies, and a stubborn headstrong aid worker in a headline dash through a war torn jungle...what could possibly go wrong?

The Widower's Child
Jane Preston's first solo mission is to protect a three year old girl after a kidnap attempt. But is the child's enigmatic father keeping secrets from them all?

Ghosts of Grace Cottage
A sexy holiday novella about a woman who buys a run down English cottage, only to find it haunted by two Regency ghosts

Two is fun...sometimes three is better

Standalone books

The Protectors Anthology
Featuring the first three books in the series in print format

Multi Award Winning Author

Anthology d'amour
This short story anthology was produced in a limited print run at the end of 2014 in collaboration with the KSP Writers' Center in Darlington Western Australia

It was a labor of love and a way of introducing aspiring authors into the scary and exciting world of publishing.

My contribution was a fun light-hearted story called Mud Honey Birthday