Did I always want to be a writer? Absolutely not

eight years, Twenty One books, Twelve award nominations and five winners trophy's later, and I'm still writing.

I love creating stories. I crave writing, and to anyone else out there who feels the same I say, go for it.  You never know what surprises life has in store.

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Winning my First Award. 
The 2012 RWA Emerald

I always loved to read, but trained as a book-keeper and spent my entire working life in the finance section of the mining industry.

In June 2009 something very odd happened. I woke up at
3amwith a scene in my head. The inner thoughts and emotions of the main character in this scene were so crystal clear that I scrambled out of bed, raced to the computer and wrote them down.

When I found myself impulsively entering the Emerald, the Romance Writers of Australia's annual contest for unpublished manuscripts.  I had no idea what I was doing.  The contest coordinator had to instruct me on how to set a margin in a Word document!

When I made it through to the second round of the contest, I was stunned.  When I made it to the finals I was flabbergasted. 

When I won...well, lets just say everyone is very polite when they talk about it, but I know for a fact I staggered up to the stage at the awards ceremony and rambled incoherently for about five minutes in front of three hundred people whilst clutching a trophy in shaking hands.

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